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Meet Your Pharmacists

Mani Alavi

BScPhm, RPh


Managing Pharmacist


Mani is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has been a community pharmacist for over 7 years. He worked for big chain retailers, as well as independently owned pharmacies across the GTA and Simcoe County before becoming an independent pharmacy owner. Mani is an advocate of the patient-centred model of health care, as well as expanded scope of practice for pharmacists. He is passionate about diabetes education and smoking cessation.

Mani 2017 SQ BW.jpg

Ali Zohouri

BScPhm, PharmD, RPh




Ali has been a community pharmacist in Ontario for over 15 years. After receiving his pharmacy degree from the University of Toronto, he obtained the Doctor of Pharmacy designation from the University of Florida. He has worked as managing pharmacist and director of pharmacy operations for Loblaw Co. Ltd. and mentored pharmacy students since 2010. As an independent pharmacy owner in Southern Innisfil, Ali is committed to fulfilling the healthcare needs of his community.

Ali 2019 SQ BW.jpg

Andrew Savo

HBSc, PharmD, RPh




Andrew received his science and doctorate degrees from the University of Waterloo in 2021 and has been practicing in the pharmacy industry for several years. He has a passion for shared-decision making and evidence-based medicine, and loves to make the pharmacy experience easier and more comprehensive for his patients.

Andrew Savo BW_edited.jpg
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