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Our Services

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Medication Review

Free for Ontario residents. A private consultation with our pharmacist to review all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as natural health products. Please ask us for details.

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Minor Ailments

Free for Ontario residents. Our pharmacists are authorized to assess and prescribe medications for 19 uncomplicated, short-term conditions. Click here to book your appointment.

Visit Ontario College of Pharmacists to learn more

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Free annual flu shots for Ontario residents. Our licensed pharmacists administer all immunization injections. A nominal fee may apply. Please ask us for details.

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Compounding Preparations

We fulfil your prescriptions for compounding preparations though central-fill affiliation with Helios Compounding Laboratory. Helios provides high-quality mixtures, including hormones and sterile preparations. To learn more visit

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Blood Pressure monitoring

Complementary use of our on-site blood pressure monitoring machine. 

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Medication Manager

Complementary service. We manage your medications for you in convenient weekly blister packs. A safe and effective approach to managing complex medication regimen.

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Auto Refills & Synchronization

Complementary service to offer you convenience. We synchronize and auto-refill your medications, so you can pick up all your regular medications together on one day.

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myDNA Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenomic tests can reveal how your body will uniquely respond to some medicines, as well as what you eat and drink. Our service includes a non-invasive cheek swab followed by laboratory analysis and consultation with our trained pharmacists. To Lean more visit

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Prescribing Refills

Our pharmacists may be able to prescribe refills of your chronic medications under certain circumstances. This excludes narcotic or controlled prescriptions. Ask us for more details.

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INR & Warfarin Management

Our pharmacists are specialized in measuring your INR and adjusting your warfarin dose through a collaborative partnership with your primary care provider. Please ask us for details.

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Quit Smoking

Free service for ODB and Green Shield insurance recipients. Our pharmacists are specialized in prescribing medications to help you quit.

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Diabetic Socks

We cary a variety of high-quality ultra-soft diabetic socks that provide comfort, absorbability, and unrestricted blood circulation.

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